Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this course teach me how to write a book?

A: No, Rock Your Writing is not about books BUT it will teach you how to write clearly and powerfully which will help you write a good book.

Q: But I can write well enough now, no-one complains, why should I sign up?

A: A lack of complaints does not mean understanding. The top tips in this course make sure that people understand your writing. Well enough is not good enough to take you to the top.

Q: I have been writing all my life, surely I don’t need a course?

A: To get new, better results, we need to change what we’re doing. This great writing course provides easy to follow, concrete guidelines to bring the best out of your writing.

Q: Can an online course really help my writing?

A: Yes, this fun-filled and information packed course comes with top tips and 25-years of professional writing experience packed into it. You WILL learn new things.

Q: Surely writing is not important? Everything is video and voice messages now!

A: You’re forgetting about WhatsApp, email, social media posts, messaging services like Slack or Trello, project management tools and website copy… we have to write more now than ever before… AND it needs to be short, clear and easy to read. You need this course!

Q: I’m a second language speaker, is this course for me?

A: If your command of English is around the B2 level, this course will help you write easy to understand English AND make it easier for you to write by showing you a simple, strong system for composing any pieces of writing.

Q: I have a very technical niche job, will this course help me?

A: Yes it will. Rock Your Writing teaches a structure and a method. You can add whatever content you need. The system puts your information and not your mistakes on centre stage.